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Gold Images:


Gold Bars. - A photograph of Gold Bars.

Gold Ingots.

Gold Nugget.

Gold Nuggets.

US government image of gold certificate.

Three Gold Sovereigns and a Gold Krugerrand.

2004 American Gold Eagle Coin.

Rare 1933 Double Gold Eagle Coin.

American Gold Eagle Coin Obverse Side.

American Gold Eagle Coin Reverse Side.

California Native Gold Nuggets.

Gold Ore.

Gold Price Chart. A gold image of a gold chart showing historic gold price data. The gold chart represents the London Gold Fixing (a.m.) in three currencies over a five year period.

Congressional Gold Medal of Honor of the United States of America.

California Gold Rush Handbill. - A handbill from 1839 publicising a Steamboat trip to the gold fields of California onboard the steamshp "Nicaragua".

Gold Panning. - Gold Panning. Some people panning for gold in a stream bed.

Hoard of Ancient Gold Coins. - This hoard of ancient gold coins was probably buried by a British or Roman nobleman during a time of war. He would have intended to return and retrieve his wealth when hostilities were over.

Gold Guilder. - Dutch Gold Guilder Johann II.

Gold Krugerrands. - Krugerrands are a popular way to invest in gold because their gold content is exactly one troy ounce.

Gold Napoleon Coin. - Gold Napoleon Coin.

Death Valley Skidoo 23 Deserted Gold Mine. - A photograph of a deserted gold mine in Death Valley. The Skidoo Mining District was one of the last gold mining efforts in Death Valley. Gold deposits were discovered in 1906.

Mojave Gold Nugget. - A photograph of the largest gold nugget found in California, weighing 156 ounces.


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