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Gold Crime and Gold Criminals:

The quest for gold has spawned crime and criminals through the ages since the dawn of civilisation; from the tomb robbers of Ancient Egypt to the modern gold bullion theives at airports and banks, the criminals have had just one aim - GOLD!

Egyptian Tomb Robbers: In Ancient Egypt the quest for gold led robbers into the tombs of the Pharoahs. This was a real problem for the Ancient Egyprians and led to resources being chanelled into preventing this gold crime.

Egyptian Tomb Robbers: Pyramids and hidden tombs were solutions to this but ultimately were ineffective. Almost every tomb of every Egyptian King was plundered for its gold at some time. Even the tomb of the boy king "Tutankhamun", one of the most complete Egyptian Royal tombs dicovered showed evidence of having been broken into by gold criminals.

Gold Bullion Robbery: The huge intrinsic value of gold has led to it being a prime target for gold criminals. Gold Bullion being transported from one bank or country to another has been the object of spectacular gold heists.

Gold Bullion Robbery.... Brinks Mat: On the 26th November 1983, six robbers broke into the Brinks Mat warehouse at Heathrow Airport. Their intention was to steal 3 million in cash which they had been tipped off by an inside man would be in the Brinks Mat warehouse on that day.

Gold Bullion Robbery.... Brinks Mat: What they found when they broke into the Brinks Mat warehouse that day was 26 million worth of gold bullion. The gold bullion weighed in excess of ten tonnes and the gold robbers immediately changed their plans to steal the gold.

Gold Bullion Robbery.... Brinks Mat: The gold stolen at the Brinks Mat gold heist was 6,800 bars of gold, packed into 76 cardboard boxes.

Gold Bullion Robbery.... Brinks Mat: The gold bullion robbers got away with the gold and today, despite a successful police operation in tracing and capturing the gold bullion and the gold bullion robbers, more than 3 tonnes of the Brinks Mat gold bullion is still missing.

Gold Bullion Robbery.... The Italian Job: A fictional account of a gold bullion heist in Italy, The Italian Job is a great British classic crime caper.

Gold Bullion Robbery.... The Italian Job: Starring Michael Caine, "The Italian Job" is the story of a gang of gold criminals who plan and carry out a gold heist with verve, daring and British aplomb. There is a great getaway sequence involving British built Mini Cars and the ending is literally a "cliff-hanger!".


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